Robert Shirock

People today are trying to define themselves by what they can get out of life
What they wear, how they look, how much stuff they have, what kind of car they drive.
Iʼve done a lot of funerals and never yet have they eulogized a person for any of that kind of stuff.
They never talk about what a nice house they had or what a nice car they drove.
Itʼs always about relationships...
Were they kind, were they generous, did they help others?
Thatʼs always what they talk about, because thatʼs all that really counts in the end.
The people you touch are your real legacy.

Youʼre not defined by what you take from this world...
Because the fact is you wonʼt take anything with you.
Youʼre defined by what you leave behind, by what you give to this world, by how you impact other people.

Itʼs been said thereʼs only two ways to live:
You can either love things and use people, or you can love people and use things.

Iʼve made my choice, Iʼm going to love people and use things. People they last forever...everything else just burns

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