“Stand With Me Tonight”
Official Music Video

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“Eyes of Sorrow”
Single Release

“Eyes of Sorrow” is a song born out of the frustration with the current political climate in the US. It feels like no matter what transpires, nothing changes for the better…No matter how many shootings or lives needlessly lost, gun laws don’t change. No matter how far we advance in science, medicine and technology, racism and discrimination still exist.

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends…The time comes when silence is betrayal.” - MLK

Indifference is the greatest adversary to change.

Evidence of Things Unseen - Album Announcement

The forthcoming Album / Compilation / Playlist from C. SHIROCK. Singles will be released monthly, leading up to the full length release of Evidence Of Things Unseen, scheduled for mid 2019. Follow the official Spotify Playlist to be notified of each new release as the Album / Compilation / Playlist grows. "Confess Your Love" and "Stand With Me Tonight" are the first two songs from Evidence Of Things Unseen.

“Stand With Me Tonight” - Music Video Release

The 2nd official music video for C. SHIROCK - “Stand With Me Tonight,“ Directed by John Matysiak.

”You might hear some Bono, some Peter Gabriel, some Jeff Buckley… and when the song's story becomes too much to hold back, you'll hear C. SHIROCK break out a guitar solo worthy of Prince.”
— Baeble Music

A slow-dance synth-pop anthem. ‘Stand With Me Tonight’ combines the utterly honest songwriting craft of The Music City with the production perfection of the City of Angels. Raw emotion and total vulnerability.
— Baeble Music

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